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Abortionists in trouble

Archive of articles in The Oklahoman on the murder trial of abortionist John Baxter Hamilton.

Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, torture, kidnapping, rape, stalking -- by abortionists. The Abortion Crime Report, published by California Right to Life. Article with ordering info.

Illegal activities clinic workers are reporting ( -- Illegal financial and harassment activities that are very important to federal, state and local law enforcement authorities are possibly going on at any abortion mill. Here's how they can be reported.

December 27, 2004 -- Abortion Practitioner Arrested, Violated Ruling Suspending Medical License by Steven Ertelt ( Editor)
Miramar, FL ( -- A Florida abortion practitioner who had his license to practice medicine taken away, following a series of botched abortions, continued to perform abortion procedures. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Robelto A. Osborne turned himself into local police last week.

Osborne, 44, was released on bond after being processed by Miramar police last Wednesday, according to an Associated Press report. He was charged with a third degree felony of performing medicine without a license.

Despite his status, Osborne had been performing abortions at the A Gyn Diagnostic Center abortion business in Miramar.

State records reveal Osborne was stripped of his license after botching several abortions, including one where parts of the unborn baby were left inside the mother. He failed to perform pre-operation procedures on several women and did not treat one woman's severe uterine infection that could have led to her death.

AP also reported that Osborne was also found not returning phone calls to his emergency phone line by women who had abortions and were experiencing severe pain or excessive bleeding.

Those actions led to the suspension of his license and a $7,000 fine, which he did not dispute.

Police also have a warrant out for the arrest of Kieron A. Nisbet, who gave anesthesia to women having abortions at the Miramar abortion facility despite not having a medical license.

According to the AP report, the Florida Department of Health was notified about Osborne's abortions in a mid-November tip.

Police temporarily closed the abortion facility on December 15 to execute a search warrant. Before performing abortions there, Osborne was an abortion practitioner at A Woman's Choice Clinic in Miami Lakes.

State health records also reveal Osborne botched an abortion on a woman in 1996 at a Hialeah abortion facility. The woman was treated at a local hospital to repair damage to her small intestine.

December 10, 2004 -- Repro abortion mill in Brookline, MA has re-opened "under new management," according to Lt. McDermott of the Brookline Police. Some pro-lifers suspect a shady business deal to avoid tax liens and whatever other debts plagued the abortion facility, which had been owned by sexual predator / abortionist / lawyer Howard Silverman.

November 30, 2004 -- Abortion Business Owner Who Injured Woman Shuts Down California Facility
Victorville, CA ( -- An abortion business owner who was the subject of a lawsuit after a woman was injured by a botched abortion says he will be shutting down one of his southern California abortion facilities for lack of business. Joseph Durante said Friday that the only facility he operates in the High Desert area has closed. "It wasn't feasible," he said of the Victory Valley abortion business. He told the Desert Dispatch newspaper that he would continue to operate his Palm Desert abortion facility. Durante was the subject of a lawsuit filed by a woman who was injured in a botched abortion. Durante was accused of not providing adequate follow-up care after a botched abortion that perforated the uterus of Ann Marie Santana in 1998 performed at his abortion facility. The abortion also perforated her uterus and bowel and Santana was forced to have emergency surgery as a result. Santana reached a settlement with John Allen, who performed the abortion. Her attorney, Jack Schuler, said Santana was pleased with the terms of the settlement, but the lawsuit against Durante has not been resolved. Durante has run afoul of the state medical board on several occasions. He was once placed on probation by the Medical Board of California. Read the complete story.

Brookline, MA -- The shop talk at Planned Parenthood and Women’s “Health” Services — we have our sources! — is that the government has shut down Howard Silverman’s abortion mill chain, which includes Repro in Brookline and WomanCare in New Bedford and Hyannis, MA.
     This dovetails with our own investigation that has revealed years-long, and ever increasing federal and State tax liens against this baby-killing enterprise. They now owe well over $150,000 — not a lot for a rapid-fire, profitable child-killer, but evidently they were not profitable. Security guards in New Bedford had complained of not being paid, and business there was cut to biweekly. In Brookline, they eliminated one killing day per week, and the volume was down on other days, too, compared to years ago.
     We don’t know what’s happened to the gang at 1297 Beacon Street, whether they’re under arrest, looking for other work or perhaps have joined the liberal exodus from the country that was rumored to begin if Bush won a second term.

But: (1) there has been no business since Saturday, November 6 [last known abortion day] in Brookline, which was also a day when the Brookline Police, and officers possibly from other agencies, were in the facility for about two hours; (2) the phone number, 617-731-0060, "has been temporarily disconnected"; and (3) the phone numbers in Hyannis and New Bedford ring, but no answer -- New Bedford forwards to Brookline and the "disconnected" message.

August 24, 2004 -- Abortionist Loses Medical License in Mississippi, too (, 8/23/2004) -- ... after similar action in Alabama. Malachy DeHenre's abortion business in Jackson has apparently closed.

August 16, 2004 -- August 20 the last day for abortions at New Woman Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

January 2, 2004 -- Abortionist Gets 34 Years for Sex Abuse of Patients  
     "I know I'm not Marcus Welby,"  said Brian Finkel, a once prominent Phoenix abortion doctor, who was sentenced to more than 34 years in prison today for sexually abusing patients over a span of nearly two decades in his high-profile practice.

Abortionist "Not Negligent" ( -- A New Jersey OBGYN, who also performs abortions, has been found not to be negligent for failing to tell a patient that an unborn child is a living human being and not explaining the emotional and psychological risks of having an abortion.
     Rosa Acuna says she was incorrectly told by Dr. Sheldon Turkish that she was not aborting a human life when she had an abortion in 1996, according to court papers.

Tuesday, October 28 -- Judge Tosses Out Six Charges Against Finkel -- Just hours before closing arguments began Monday, a controversial abortion doctor on trial over allegations he fondled or sexually abused his patients scored a victory when a judge dismissed six of the 67 counts against him for lack of evidence.

Friday, October 17 -- Defense Begins for Abortionist Accused of Abusing Women Phoenix, AZ ( -- During the prosecution's phase of the trial of Phoenix abortion practitioner Brian Finkel, a vast number of women took to the stand to describe the various ways he inappropriately touched them during abortions and exams.

Monday, Sept. 8, 2003 -- A former medical assistant to abortionist Brian Finkel, accused of sexually groping patients, testified Monday she was offended by the doctor's crude remarks (Arizona Republic, 9/8/2003).

Thursday, June 26, 2003 -- Los Angeles, Jun. 26 ( - The family of a woman who bled to death after an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic is suing the abortion clinic and abortionist Mark Maltzer for the wrongful death.

Thursday, May 22, 2003 -- Georgia doctor faces criminal abortion charge (The Valdosta Daily Times, 5/21/2003) -- Police took a warrant Tuesday for Dr. Charles Rossmann on a charge of criminal abortion, Valdosta Police Chief Frank Simons said.
Related Story: Police, Medical Board Probe Birth (The Valdosta Daily Times, 5/21/2003).

Thursday, May 8, 2003 -- "A Malden doctor who badly botched two attempts to abort a woman's fetus - in a spartan office without running water - has voluntarily agreed to have his license to practice medicine suspended indefinitely." (Boston Herald, 5/8/2003).  Globe article, which ran on page B11 (no need to sensationalize a story and impugn the good reputation of the vast majority of selfless abortion providers!).

We just learned that Planned Parenthood abortionist Warren Briscoe has been named in a malpractice suit -- we don't know if it involved an abortion or not. Court info: Difonzo et al v Bisson et al;  Docket Number: ESCV2003-00049;  Filing Date: 01/07/2003;  Case Status: Needs review for service. Hale Hospital and the Town of Haverhill are also defendants.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003 -- A former San Bernardino doctor's medical license has been revoked by the state Medical Board as a result of a 1997 abortion that nearly killed a 17-year-old girl.
     The girl's uterus was punctured and 3-5 feet of her intestines were removed during the abortion.
     The teenager remained in the hospital for 12 days - nine in intensive care, according to the Medical Board of California.
     Dr. Philip B. Pierre-Louis, who was living in the 2300 block of College Avenue in San Bernardino at the time of the surgery, was charged with gross negligence, incompetence, unprofessional conduct and failure to maintain adequate medical records following the patient's abortion.
The Medical Board has been unable to locate Pierre-Louis to deliver documents relating to the case, officials said. (San Bernadino Sun, 5/6/2003)

Tuesday, March 25, 2003 -- A prominent Suva (Fiji Islands) abortionist, Dr Sachida Nand Mudaliardoctor appeared before Chief Magistrate David Balram in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday on a charge of murder. He's alleged to have caused the death of a 22-year-old girl while carrying out an abortion; he has been remanded in custody. (Fiji Daily Post, 3/25/2003)

Thursday, March 13, 2003 -- California abortion mill raided; former employee helped authorities. Possibly a fruit of

PA abortion mill ordered to close (Times Herald, 3/13/2003) -- A Montgomery County judge this week ordered a King of Prussia women's clinic, where abortions are performed, to immediately cease operations. It's in violation of zoning regulations.

Tuesday, December 2, 2002 --  Arizona abortionist's trial on sex charges delayed; Court will review combining cases (AP, 11/27/2002) -- A Superior Court judge on Wednesday set aside the trial of Phoenix abortionist Brian Finkel doctor until the state's appeals court can review a decision to have one trial cover the dozens of abuse cases in which he is accused.

Friday, October 18, 2002 -- Tiller "the killer" botches abortion

Monday, October 14, 2002 -- Doctor's 67 counts to be heard in 1 trial (The Arizona Republic) -- The Phoenix abortion doctor accused of 67 counts of sexual misconduct will face all of his accusers in one trial.

September 17, 2002 -- Abortion doctor faces trial for each of 35 accusers (The Arizona Republic) -- A north Phoenix abortion doctor faces separate trials for each of the 35 patients who accused him of sexual misconduct.

After prosecutors disclosed Monday that five people viewed James C. Kopp in a lineup last month, a judge ordered the prosecutors to explain why they refused to give Kopp's defense team the people's names before his trial in the sniper slaying of abortionist Barnett A. Slepian (Buffalo News).

September 10, 2002 -- A well-known Omaha abortionist, C.J. Labenz, has been charged with three crimes after attacking without provocation Sharon McKee, an elderly pro-lifer silently and legally protesting before his abortuary.

September 2, 2002 -- LA abortionist's license yanked (The Times-Picayune) -- A New Orleans abortionist, Dr. A. James Whitmore III, has had his license suspended indefinitely for failing to comply with the terms of probation imposed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

August 29, 2002 -- Virginia abortionist sentenced to four months in jail (Richmond Times-Dispatch) -- A Henrico County physician who performed 22 abortions the day after his license to practice medicine was suspended was sentenced to four months in jail yesterday.

Before the sentencing, Rodger A. Fraser told Henrico Circuit Judge L.A. Harris Jr., "I would first like to apologize to you and the people of Virginia for this lack of judgment. I accept this as punishment for this lack of judgment."

June 7, 2002 -- Abortuary loses ruling (The Philadelphia Inquirer) -- Abortion chain abortionist Steven Brigham lost the license at his King of Prussia abortion mill due to zoning violations. Brigham lost his medical licenses in New York and Florida for botched abortions, and spent three weeks in early 2000 in a New York prison for failing to pay business taxes.

Man without license played doc (Newsday) -- A Harlem man who advertised himself as a homeopathic doctor was an abortionist, and has also been charged with rape.

April 22, 2002 -- California abortionist admits many violations, loses license -- Los Angeles Times

Virginia abortionist kills after license suspension

April 16, 2002 -- 100 women tell police of abortionist's abuse by Gary McCullough / CCN News

MARCH 26, 2002 -- Denver abortionist exposed (Christian Gallery News Service) Karen worked for Terry Downing exactly three days.

MARCH 1, 2002 -- Abortionist let out of prison, pending appeal (Orlando Sentinel) -- Dr. James Pendergraft, who owns five Florida abortion clinics, won his release from prison Wednesday, February 27 pending an appeal in federal court.

FEBRUARY 9, 2002 -- Unlicensed abortion clinic closed (Los Angeles Times) -- Edgar Ruiz, 42, charged $200 in cash for abortions and catered to uninsured women, according to sheriff's and county health department officials.

FEBRUARY 7, 2002 -- Abortion doctor pleads "not guilty: to new sex charges
(AP) -- Abortionist Brian Finkel,
51, pleaded not guilty in Superior Court to charges that he molested 26 patients. The 50 new charges accuse Finkel of inappropriate touching during examinations and before abortions at his Metro Phoenix Women's Clinic between 1983 and 2001.

JANUARY 1, 2002 -- MD gets prison term for abduction, abortion (Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina) -- A doctor who abducted his former girlfriend and forced an abortion on her was sentenced yesterday to 6½ years in prison, the Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA reported. AFP (from; no further details).

DECEMBER 20, 2001 -- Abortion Doctor guilty in wife's death (The Oklahoman) -- An Oklahoma County jury Wednesday night convicted John Baxter Hamilton, 53, an abortionist, of the Valentine's Day murder of Susan Shibley Hamilton, 55.

DECEMBER 12, 2001 -- Doctor John Baxter Hamilton now on trial for the murder of his wife in Oklahoma.

DECEMBER 7, 2001 -- Abortion Doctor's trial set for Aug. 5 (The Arizona Republic) -- Phoenix abortion doctor Brian Finkel could sit in jail for another eight months before his case goes to trial. Maricopa Superior Court Judge Peter Reinstein set Finkel’s trial to begin on Aug. 5.

OCTOBER 25, 2001 -- Phoenix abortionist Brian Finkel was arrested outside his Phoenix home, accused of sexually abusing at least nine patients over an 8-year period.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2001 -- Kenneth Wright loses abortion patient By Christina Dunigan / Pro-Life About Guide  "The Fresno Bee reports that Family Planning Associates Medical Group and abortionist Kenneth Wright are being sued by the family of a woman who died after Wright performed an abortion on her on May 5, 2000. To the best of my knowledge, this makes at least 10 dead abortion patients for FPA."

JULY 30, 2001 -- Abortion doctor James Scott Pendergraft IV, convicted of falsely accusing a Marion County, FL official of bomb threats, reported to federal prison Wednesday to begin serving a sentence of nearly four years.

Medical Profile on recently convicted Florida abortionist Pendergraft (Scroll Down for Criminal Record).

JULY 18, 2001 -- Prosecutors, witnesses threatened in case of abortionist wife-murder. Oklahoma City, OK -- Letters threatening violence against Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane and a state witness in a case Lane is prosecuting--the alleged murder of Susan Hamilton by her husband, abortionist John Hamilton-- have been received by The Oklahoman newspaper, KWTV NEWS9 and another television station. One letter warns that lane will die if he doesn't drop charges against Hamilton, and that Lane's witness will also be dead and warns that it is "very serious." -- The Oklahoman, July 18, 2001.

JUNE 27, 2001 -- Arrests at Repro (reported in the Brookline TAB): "On Saturday, June 9, at 12:26 p.m., Brookline police responded to Repro Associates on Beacon Street on a report of a disturbance in the clinic. A woman reported that she had gone to the clinic with the father of her baby [OR editor's note: "baby"!], and he had assaulted her outside the clinic. The receptionist at the clinic reported that the man then came back into the clinic and yelled at her. As reported in the TAB last week, Jermaine Barrett of 60 Walnut Park, Roxbury, was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery, two counts of threatening to commit a crime and intimidation of a witness. Barrett later told police that a clinic security guard, holding a gun at his side, appeared behind the desk when he was yelling at the receptionist. Police returned to the clinic and verified that the security guard had a proper firearms license, but stored the weapon improperly. Police then seized an Uzi pistol, a .22 caliber pistol, and ammunition from the clinic. As reported in the TAB last week, police arrested Mark A. Silverman of 1321 Worcester Road, Framingham, charging him with improper usage of a large capacity weapon and assault by means of a dangerous weapon."

JUNE 1, 2001 -- A Warwick, NY abortionist has his license suspended after stalking patients for sex. But!…he could be back in business in two more weeks! Dr. Daniel Holschauer performed an abortion on a woman at South Orange Gynecology in Monroe, NY. One week later, in July, 1995, he showed up at her job looking for sex, which he got. Story in June 1, 2001 Times Herald Record.

To see the full, 25-page report on Holschauer's case on the Web, go to the Health Department's Office of Professional Medical Conduct site at

MAY 10, 2001 -- Abortion Practitioner in Kansas Quits Performing Abortions  [Source: Kansans for Life (316) 687-5433; via Pro-Life Infonet]
Wichita, KS -- Abortion practitioner Kristin Neuhaus announced Thursday she will no longer perform abortions. Neuhaus had been charged by state investigators with performing an abortion on a woman who had withdrawn consent. Neuhaus has denied the allegation through her attorney.

"This is a major victory for the pro-life movement and women in Kansas. Neuhaus not only was killing babies in Wichita, but she was also performing bad medicine," noted Kansans for Life Executive Director Joan Hawkins.

The most alarming findings were the administration of sedation against a patient's consent, abortion without a patient's consent, and failure to provide informed consent.

MAY 5, 2001 — A jury found that a doctor's negligence caused the death of a Wisconsin high school teacher who was poisoned during an abortion at a Milwaukee hospital according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (May 4, 2001). However, because the estate of Linda Boom was late in filing its lawsuit against Daniel Gilman, who did the abortion, and Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Gilman was dismissed as a defendant in the suit and is not liable for any of the $2.3 million the jury felt would fairly compensate Boom's family.

APR 9, 2001 —  The Sunday Boston Herald carried the news of the result of Dr. Rapin Osathanondh’s show cause hearing in Boston: there will be — surprise! — no charges brought against the Brigham and Women’s Hospital abortionist for his alleged threats to execute several nurses. The decision not to prosecute was reportedly due to inconsistent testimony and lack of evidence. Unanswered is the question of whether the fact that the accused is an abortionist carried any weight with the court—somehow we find it hard to believe that a pro-lifer would have been given a pass in similar circumstances.

APR 2, 2001 -- World magazine on Dr. John Hamilton, the Oklahoma City abortionist accused of murdering his wife. Oklahoma City physician Dominic Pedulla believes the brutality of abortion penetrates the abortionist's soul, rendering him capable of other brutal acts. "The abortionist lives an intrinsically violent lifestyle [that isn't] sanitized because the doctor is making a nice living, dresses well, and lives in an upper social stratum," said Dr. Pedulla."

FEB 22, 2001 — Dr. Joel Biskind, a Phoenix, AZ abortionist was convicted February 20 of manslaughter in the 1998 death of one of his clients at his now-closed A-Z Women’s Center abortion facility. Dr. Biskind left the abortion mill as his patient, whose just-aborted baby was 24 weeks old, lay bleeding from the punctured uterus that the doctor had caused. Sentencing is scheduled for March 20.

The Oklahoman newspaper (2-22-2001) reports that a "prominent Oklahoma City doctor was arrested Wednesday [Feb. 21] after police found a woman’s body in his home." Dr. John Hamilton, 52 — an abortionist — was booked into the Oklahoma County jail Wednesday night on a murder complaint. The body was that of Susan Hamilton, his wife.

The Oklahoman report continued: "Diane McDaniel was John Hamilton’s patient for 20 years. ‘If asked if he could do it, I’d say there is no way he could have killed anything,’ she said. ‘He is a very kind man. I wouldn’t think he would hurt a fly.’"

A Boston abortionist, Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, head of the baby-killing department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is out of commission following complaints that he threatened five of the hospital’s nurses in a December 27, 2000 staff meeting. He appeared at a February 13 probable cause hearing in Boston to answer these allegations. A decision was not immediately made on whether to charge the doctor. Had a similar threat been made by a pro-lifer, of course, you can be sure that the decision making process would have been on fast forward.

The nurses said that he threatened them with the words: "I'm going to execute people. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to execute you, Texas-style." A police report says Osathanondh was suspended, but Brigham & Women’s stated that he has voluntarily stepped down pending resolution of the matter.

MAR 25, 2000 -- Court gives abortionist another chance to reclaim license

A provider of abortions who lost his medical license after a woman died could eventually get his license back.

Dr. Andre Nehorayoff actually has two patient deaths to his discredit, not one.

Regarding Patient F, Nehorayoff left her in a recovery room following her abortion on December 15, 1979, but she was not monitored. She turned blue and no pulse could be detected. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Regarding Patient E, Nehorayoff performed an abortion and discharged her. The lab report for the uterine tissue was received two days later, and had detected only placental tissue. No attempt was noted on Nehorayoff's part to notify Patient E of the incomplete abortion. She was later admitted to a hospital in a coma and died an hour later. The autopsy found a portion of a fetal leg sticking through Patient E's uterus, and determined that she had bled to death.
       Sources: 3/25(24?)/2000, Boston Globe; New York Education Department suspension documents, 1991.

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